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SPF lotion Review

Just received our order! My 5 year old daughter loves it! She is looking in the mirror right now putting on the spf.  She really thinks it’s foundation and is ecstatic! It is so sweet!   I was showing my sister-n-law and she thought the line of items was so cute too!!  I also loved the stickers in the box! Super cute! 🙂 Thanks!

-Rachel P.
Lemoore, CA

Anna Banana’s Body Lotion Review

My daughter LOVES this lotion.  The scent is strong yet very appropriate for a child.  It reminds me of the smell of the banana shaped candies from when I was a kid (can’t remember what they were called).  The pump makes it easy for her to put it on by herself.  It looks great on my daughter’s bathroom counter as well.  Love the little girl on the label.

Houston, TX

Grace’s Bubblegum Spray Review

I have a 12 year daughter that is in gymnastics.  In the last year she has been starting to feel self conscious about smelling.  She wears deodorant but then she thinks that makes her smell weird too.   I gave her this spray and she loves it.  She uses it after practice and lets her friends use it to.  I love how it is girly instead of the “sexy” stuff that is out there on the market.  Thank you for giving moms like me another option!

-Tricia N.
Fort Wayne, IN

Peppermint Patsy’s Spray Review

I bought this for my 10 year old daughter but my 7 year old son stole it from her.   It is the only body spray I know of that uses actual peppermint essential oil.   I heard once that peppermint essential oil was supposed to deter lice.  No idea if its true but I let both my son and daughter cover themselves with it before school…..just in case. 

Columbus, OH

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