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Everyone knows that sun exposure can age your skin & increase your risk of skin cancer, but why? The sun gives off two types of rays, UVA & UVB which penetrate deep within the skin & at the surface causing the release of the “bad guys”, known in the scientific world as free radicals. Free radicals begin to bombard our skin and over time cause aging, wrinkles and damage. Studies have shown that as many as 95% of a person’s wrinkles are caused by free radical’s damage from sun exposure. In addition, free radicals can cause cancer by changing genetic material (RNA & DNA) of our cells.

UVA rays contribute to the aging of the skin; while both UVA and UVB contribute to the increased risk of cancer. Protecting against these harmful rays at the youngest age possible is the best defense against damage and is the key to promoting & keeping BeYOUtiful skin & preventing skin cancer. The thing that most people don’t even think about is that these rays are present from dusk to dawn, even in the winter and in the rain when the last thing on our minds is sunscreen! These rays sneak their way through clouds, through our windows and directly to our children’s skin.

The good news is, BeYOUtiful Girl’s Daily Moisturizing Cream with UV 30 sunscreen & the SPF 30 lotion is a broad band sunscreen made with non-micronized zinc-oxide that helps protect against both the UVA and UVB rays. Used every morning before school or before a day at the park, this moisturizer will give her a good start at protecting that precious skin from aging. Used in combination with smart sun protection measures like minimizing time in the sun and covering skin with hats, clothing and sunglasses when possible, you can even decrease your risk of skin cancer! Furthermore, regular sunscreen use during childhood and adolescence significantly reduces your lifetime incidence of skin cancer. So, the question becomes, why aren’t you teaching your child to protect herself!?   



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