When a girl is comfortable in her own skin, she is be{YOU}tiful.

Be Safe

be {safe}

Close up shot of young girl with red hair and brown eyes

Did you know that BeYOUtiful Girl’s moisturizing cream with UVA/UVB sunscreen is made of certified organic ingredients and uses the safest form of sun protection available?

As opposed to a chemical sunscreen like the big corporations use because it is cheaper (not safer), non-micronized zinc-oxide is a physical sunscreen that it is safe even for sensitive and compromised skin, blocking up to 97% of the suns rays.  Instead of being absorbed by the skin like chemical sunscreens, BeYOUtiful Girl’s active ingredient sits on the surface of the skin literally creating a physical barrier between her skin and the sun.

Furthermore, Zinc Oxide does not clog pores and actually makes your skin healthier.

When we are young, our bodies are pure and uncontaminated.  As we grow up we are continuously exposed to foreign chemicals that aren’t natural to our bodies.   These chemicals actually damage our DNA and when we fail to limit exposure; our child’s bodies are contaminated and will never be quite the same.  BeYOUtiful Girl’s moisturizing cream with sunscreen only uses ingredients that are natural to our bodies and does not add any additional exposure to your child’s body.  So go ahead, let her use it everyday and protect her skin!



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