When a girl is comfortable in her own skin, she is be{YOU}tiful.

Be Fun

be {fun}


There is nothing quite like the sound of laughter coming from a child.  We love to see children having fun and we know you do too.  That’s why we created the “Super Da Duppity” Fun Line of Lotions and body sprays.  With fun characters and silly names, your daughter will love these amazingly awesome smelling products and will be begging for more.

Have you ever seen your daughter put bubbles on her face in the bath and pretend to be daddy shaving?  What about when she puts your high heels on and tries to walk around like mommy?

Our kids are born with an instinctive desire to be just like us.  They love us and it is fun for them to act like us!   That’s why we purposely package BeYOUtiful Girl daily moisturizer with SPF to look like mom’s makeup.  So, just like you put on your make-up every morning, she will want to put on her “makeup” too and it will be FUN for her!

So, let loose.  Be{Fun} and teach her that being fun can mean being responsible too.




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