When a girl is comfortable in her own skin, she is be{YOU}tiful.

Be Confident

be {confident}

Little ballerinas

Be{YOU}tiful Girl™ wants to teach each and every girl to protect her face from the harmful effects of the sun; while helping her understand that being herself is the most be{YOU}tiful thing she can be.  Confidence is be{YOU}tiful.

We believe confidence starts when a girl can be herself without feeling the need for anyone’s approval.  It is learning to love & accept ones self and it is something every girl deserves.  And she will find, that it is much easier to love herself when she is being herself.   No matter her skin color.  No matter her size.  No matter if she is rich or poor.  No matter if she is popular or shy.  If she is confident in who she is, she’ll be Be{YOU}tiful.

Tips to build confidence:

  • Be yourself everyday
  • Love yourself everyday
  • Do more of what makes you happy.
  • Just be you!
  • YOU are amazing.
  • YOU are awesome.
  • YOU deserve it.
  • You are a Be{YOU}tiful Girl.


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